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Providing strategic advisory and delivering an end-to-end solution for all policy issues with a 360-degrees perceptive.

About NAC

NAC’s mission is to partner with you in driving positive outcomes for critical issues that impact your business, your ecosystem and your stakeholders, whether it is Government bodies, industry associations or your Customers. This is achieved through leaving no detail unexplored in helping you with:

  • Engagement Strategy
  • Making informed decisions
  • Crafting strategic plans; and
  • Developing advocacy strategies and plans
  • Driving campaigns

We excel in stakeholder engagement and coalition building, leveraging the power of collaboration. In addition, we have significant experience in navigating the legislative landscape, as we advocate for policies that align with the interests of both government and consumers.

NAC is not just an advocate; we’re your advocate of change, working tirelessly to create a better future for all. Contact us today to discover how NAC can help you make a lasting impact.


Saloni Gupta


Saloni brings over two decades of legal and policy experience to the table. With a background in commercial disputes, compliance and policy, she has the unique ability to bring together relevant pillars of a successful policy and advocacy program.

Her recent experience includes:

  • Leading initiatives to amend the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) policy, resulting in the establishment of Big Tech online and for physical stores in India.
  • This required extensive knowledge of Big Tech’s retail operations and Indian retail trading policies, supported by evidence-based global studies and strategic negotiations at multiple levels, including ministries and industry associations
  • Spearheaded the revision of government policies on labelling electronic products in India, fostering collaboration within the electronics industry and advocating for simplified digital labels.
  • Her role extended to championing the electronics industry’s interests, collaborating with the Government on issues like Right to Repair and Common Chargers, and leading multiple committees for both Indian and international associations.

In addition to her attention to detail, she has the ability to form consensus through creating win-win scenarios for all involved parties.

We are a consultancy specializing in technology, legal, policy, and regulatory matters, offering complete solutions for the realization of your extended business goals. This encompasses everything from the initial assessment through implementation and ongoing support.

Our approach is characterized by its comprehensiveness, addressing complex and multifaceted issues with a deep level of expertise. We are dedicated to delivering thoroughly researched, enduring solutions.

What sets us apart is our proficiency in managing a range of forums, including policy, legal, and regulatory domains, while also fostering connections among diverse stakeholders, such as industry players, government bodies, regulators, industry associations, think tanks, and legal experts. This distinctive capability serves as a platform for the development of sustainable, long-term economic and strategic solutions.


Saloni is a professional in every sense of the word. She is deeply focused on delivering high-quality client service and helping solve tough public policy challenges. Her background in law and policy is market-leading. Combined with her private sector experience and network, they make her a powerful and trusted counsellor for clients and friends alike.


I have interacted with Ms.Saloni Gupta on multiple occasions over last fifteen years in connection with arbitrations of domestic and international disputes and had many opportunities to observe her style of working. She exemplifies a high level of professionalism and brings forth a wealth of innovative ideas on to her task. Her ability to strategise sets her apart, making her both solution-oriented and detail-focused. She maintains a keen focus on achieving results, demonstrating a profound understanding of her clients' expectations and needs. Notably, she can actively contribute as a team player and also take up leadership role. Saloni exhibits thorough professionalism. Even when required to delve into details of intricate matters, she continues focus on meeting client expectations. In my opinion, Saloni ideally fulfils the role of an excellent mentor and leader.

  • Alexander Slater

    Managing Director at U.S.-India Business Council

    Former Judge - Supreme Court of India

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